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In places like Nova Scotia's fishing communities, a forerunner was historically  considered an omen for the future. In this collection, I consider how a forerunner also refers to the people or things that came before: my family's history in Maritime culture and tradition. Throughout my career I have sought to express my identity as a Maritime artist through bringing my sense of 'home' into my work, showing unexpected beauty in the reinterpretation of forms found in my surroundings. 
The pieces in Forerunner turn this gaze back on my family's place in this landscape, and our connections to fishing, farming, logging and hunting. It is a collection where these divergent themes emerge in pieces that feature ordinary applied materials and atypical colour, juxtaposed with rich textures and shapes. Rugged, with an understated beauty, each composition has a distinct and playful narrative that speaks to the gift and bounty of the land and sea.

This gallery is a highlights a selection of the series. Available at LA PAI Gallery

(Click Image for Availability)


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